Elise Francesca Palmer

The rape scandal that has happened in Ohio is fucking disgusting. This scandal is just another example of how rape isn’t taken seriously. The fact that people who illegally download videos and music get longer prison sentences then people who rape is just fucking disgusting. What upsets me the most is that adults tried to even cover the whole scandal up. How could you justify this vile doing? How could you look your own mother in the eye knowing you did such a vie thing?! If my son did anything like this I don’t think I could ever talk to him again. I’m sorry but something has to be done about the world’s view on rape. I find it upsetting that I have to take precautions when going out anywhere. That I have to carry a rape alarm or watch what I’m wearing so I don’t ‘provoke’ men. It’s as if we’ve accepted that you could possibly be raped if you were travelling home or going to the supermarket. 

Furthermore no means no and silence does not mean yes. Where the fuck did people learn that? You obviously need to go back to nursery to learn what yes means. 

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#rape scandal